Sunday, May 01, 2005

Divergent musings on convergence

Well, my brother and his family have just moved back to Colorado after a couple of years away. When they left, they were a couple but upon returning, they are a family of three.

I helped J&T move in. I also snapped some photos with my phone--I inadvertently left my camera in Loveland, CO (my hometown). I haven't done much with that phone--I use it to surf the web/connect to work when there is no alternative connection.

Every once in a while though, I take pix with it. I hadn't ever done anything with those pix and they were piling up.... This lead to my encounter with the state of the digital arts.... Several co-workers have sent me flickr links, so I checked out I work for a small startup called Hewlett-Packard that owns snapfish (which seems just a wee bit too much like a Kodak 1hour kiosk for me....) After uploading to flickr, they encourage you to link to your blog.... so here I am, blogging.

I suspect I'll blog once or twice and then let it die off.... but I'm here now.

To accompany this stream of consciousness, I should also consider that I stumbled into Google's "My Search History" today as well and I'll enable it from all the browsers I regularly use.